Hey guys! So many questions about Kybella®: What is it? Is it permanent? Is it right for you? Kybella® before and after?

Kybella® permanently destroys fat cells! It has FDA approval to reduce the double chin area. To be specific, it’s a deoxycholic acid. We already have this deoxycholic acid in our body that breaks down the fat we consume. Kybella® directly injected into the submental (under the chin) fat, permanently melts that stubborn fat to improve the appearance of your chin and jawline. Let’s go over some common questions…

1) Why Would Someone Want Kybella®?
Kybella® is a great treatment option to dissolve the double chin! Exercise and diet can only go so far. Often times genetics plays a role, and you need more help. The dreaded double chin is incredibly difficult to lose without treatment. Also, some people just want some definition for their jawline. A series of Kybella® injections permanently dissolve the fat cells under the chin.

2) What Happens at a Kybella® Consultation?
Your initial consultation with an exam is super important. First, we’ll review your aesthetic goals, then an exam will be performed. The exam includes determining the amount of fat under the chin and identifying any factors that may prohibit you from receiving the treatment. We want to make sure that you’re a good candidate for Kybella®. Safety comes first!

After your exam, we’ll go over exactly how much Kybella® would be needed to achieve the best results for YOU. Everything is customized at the Chicago Aesthetics Club! Multiple treatments most often bring the best results. Don’t worry, more will be explained below:)

And, of course, as part of your consultation, the Chicago Aesthetics Club will review the pros and cons of Kybella® with you and address any questions that you have.

3) What Are the Pros and Cons of Kybella® Injections?
Some Pros: 1) Less of a double chin 2) A more defined appearance of chin, neck, and jawline 3) And permanent destruction of fat cells!

Some Cons: Swelling can be a little or a lot. Other possible cons include pain, bruising, bleeding, firmness, numbness, uneven smile, uneven results, and an allergic reaction.

4) Can You Tell Me More About the Kybella® Treatment Session?
After the exam and consultation, including consent forms, you’ll receive your first Kybella® treatment. The Chicago Aesthetics Club will mark important anatomical landmarks, including those areas to avoid during treatment, such as the salivary glands, thyroid gland, and mandibular nerve.

The Chicago Aesthetics Club will apply numbing cream to the Kybella® treatment area. After effective, the cream is removed. The skin is then prepped with an antiseptic to help prevent infections.

A grid of dots (similar to a fake tattoo) will be placed on your skin. This grid helps to ensure that the injections have even spacing. The more precise the plan, the better the result! Of note, The Chicago Aesthetics Club will place the injections next to the dots, not in the dots. The depth of the injections is important too.

You may receive anywhere from 20 to 50 injections at each visit. The injections may create a slight burning sensation. Everybody’s pain tolerance is different. Prior to your visit, if you don’t have an allergy, we recommend that you take Tylenol. Do not take Advil or Motrin since it may cause increased bleeding and bruising. Hunger increases pain perception, so we also recommend eating a meal before your visit. After your treatment, you’ll receive ice packs to help soothe the area and reduce inflammation.

5) Let’s Talk Swelling

The more double chin = The more Kybella® vials needed = Usually more swelling…
There are 2 categories of people:
1) Those that swell a little- aka, you’re the only one who notices the swelling, and it’s gone in a week
2)Those that swell a lot- and the swelling can last 6 weeks
Plan accordingly and be patient for the transformation. Kybella® before and after chin results can be amazing! Remember: it’s the permanent destruction of fat cells!

6) What Are Some Important Kybella® Post Treatment Instructions?
For swelling: Apply ice packs throughout the day for 3-5 minutes at a time to avoid freezing issues.

For bruising: Arnica tablets – dissolve 2 under your tongue every hour for 2 hours, then every 6 hours until bruising reduces. Arnica comes from a plant and is easy to order from Amazon®.

For pain: If no allergy, take Tylenol. Do not take Advil or Motrin since they may cause increased bleeding and bruising.

To prevent infection: avoid makeup for 24 hours.

7) What Kind of Follow-Up Is There After Your Kybella® Treatment?
A 6-week follow-up visit is important:

  1. To evaluate your results
  2. To take Kybella® before and after photos so that we can see the side-by-side difference
  3. If you’re due: to receive your next Kybella® treatment

 8) What If You’re Worried About Something After Your Kybella® Treatment?
Please CALL 312-320-4050- do not text if you have any worry about something after your procedure! Even after office hours, please CALL. We want to address your concern right away!

8) How Many Kybella® Treatments Would You Need?
You will have a personalized treatment plan to achieve your best Kybella® before and after results!
Usually, people need 2-4 vials and 2-4 treatments to achieve their desired look. This may sound confusing, but the recommendations will be more clear at your consultation. Oftentimes, you need fewer vials at subsequent visits since there is less fat to reduce.

9) Results

Photos from Allergan Brandbox.

Individual results may vary. This patient received 3 Kybella® treatments: 4 vials at each treatment.

As you now know,  Kybella® permanently destroys the fat cells under the chin. To get the super sleek look that we see in the Allergan ads, many of those models received 4 vials and up to 6 treatments. Allergan is the company that makes Kybella®.

Allergan research studies showed the following results: 8% improvement after the first treatment, 28% improvement after the 2nd treatment, and 43% improvement after the 3rd treatment.
With this information, it’s important to know that you’ll see more of a difference in your appearance after your 2nd treatment. At each visit, we’ll check the progress with Kybella® before and after photos. These appointments are pretty exciting!
As with any type of cosmetic treatment, results may vary.

10) Another Common Question: Will the Fat Come Back?
The answer is: NO. The fat cells are completely destroyed with Kybella. However, if you have significant weight gain, the remaining fat cells will expand and cause a fuller appearance.

11) Other Random Facts About Kybella® at Chicago Aesthetics Club
a) If not already signed up, we’ll help you sign up for Allē, a rewards program through Allergan (the company that makes Kybella®). At each visit, you’ll have points added to receive money off at future visits!

b) At the time of publication: Kybella® consultation is free. Our current promo is 10% off your first treatment or $100 off per vial. You can use whichever promo saves you more money. Promos vary over time. Always ask about our promos!

If you have more questions about Kybella® or would like to make an appointment, please call or text us at 312-320-4050. We think you’ll love the results. See you soon!

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Disclaimer: This content is intended for educational purposes only. It is not medical advice.