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Facial Balancing

Along with the procedure’s rising popularity and demand for natural-looking results, the facial balancing treatment is a highly coveted service at Chicago Aesthetics Club. Dr. Sri Sullivan, our physician, uses her expertise in anatomy, technique, and artistic eye to help bring your features into harmony.

The significance of facial balance lies in its role in shaping our personal perception of our own beauty. Facial harmony can increase a profound sense of confidence when we look into the mirror.

Facial Balancing masseter botox results

What Is Facial Balancing?

Facial balancing is a delicate art that aims to achieve harmonious and balanced facial proportions, enhance our natural beauty, and bring out our best features. After carefully listening to your goals and examining your unique facial characteristics, Dr. Sri Sullivan, MD, will review the types of treatments that may add to a more balanced appearance. The goal is not to alter your face dramatically but to bring harmony and flow to your facial features.  

Facial balancing is also known as “facial harmonization.”  By strategically placing dermal fillers, Dr. Sri can help to create a touch of symmetry and highlight your favorite features. The focus is to ensure that your distinct facial characteristics complement each other, creating a cohesive and refreshed look. Her approach is entirely personalized, tailoring the process to meet your specific needs. 

By addressing imbalances and fine-tuning facial proportions, the facial balancing treatment has the potential to instill confidence and contribute to a positive self-image.

Common Facial Balancing Queries

Achieving facial balance requires a deep understanding of facial anatomy and an artistic view of proportions. Dr. Sri carefully assesses your facial features, such as the eyes, nose, lips, and jawline, and how they relate. 

Many people prefer the relative size and position of their facial features to be in harmony with each other so that none of them appear excessively dominant or otherwise in relation to the rest of the face.

Common Requests for Facial Balancing:

Wide jaw + thin lips

Narrow set eyes + wide jaw

Prominent nose + small chin

Strong cheekbones + weak chin

One side jawline fuller than the other

Overbite + recessed chin

Full lips + recessed chin

Narrow upper face + fuller lower face

Undereye hollows + flattened cheeks

One cheekbone is higher than the other

Facial Balancing Consultation

To start your facial balancing journey, Dr. Sri recommends a virtual consultation. On this video call, you can express your beauty goals. At this initial assessment, Dr. Sri will evaluate if facial balancing is appropriate for you and review initial recommendations with a price quote. Please note: a complete consultation will be performed at the time of your in-person visit.

At your appointment, Dr. Sri will carefully assess various aspects of your face, including your face shape, facial structure proportions, and any areas of asymmetry. Her goal is for you to have well-balanced and beautiful results. 

Through facial balancing, Dr. Sri examines your face in a cohesive manner rather than focusing solely on an individual area. She will take into account the size and shape of your cheeks, nose, chin, and jawline. The shape of your eyes, eyebrows, and lips are also factored into her artistic vision. 

She will discuss a customized treatment plan based on your goals and unique features. Together, you will make a decision on how to proceed. 

Facial Balancing with Fillers

Dermal fillers  are a common non-surgical treatment used to restore volume and enhance facial contours. Facial balancing with multiple filler syringes can have transformative results. At Chicago Aesthetics Club, high-quality hyaluronic acid dermal fillers  are preferred as they mimic our bodies’ naturally occurring hyaluronic acid and are safe and well-tolerated. Dr. Sri skillfully places these FDA-approved dermal fillers to create natural-looking harmonized results. Check out our facial balancing before and after photos here.  Our physician, Dr. Sri Sullivan, MD, performs all treatments at Chicago Aesthetics Club.

Facial Balancing With Botox®

Another technique commonly used in facial balancing is Botox injections. Apart from diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, Botox® can serve as a neuromodulator to reposition specific muscles (for example, addressing asymmetry) and to decrease the size of muscles (such as masseter botox  for jaw slimming). 

Facial Balancing Cost and Maintenance

The investment is individualized, as every face is unique.  Periodic maintenance treatments can help to prolong the results of your facial balancing procedure. Maintenance touchups are typically recommended every 6-12 months.

Benefits of Facial Balancing

With a nonsurgical and non-invasive approach, you can achieve your desired aesthetic enhancements without the need for surgery, reducing risks and recovery time. The facial balancing treatment yields immediate results, allowing you to see the positive changes almost instantly. Moreover, these results are long-lasting. 

Facial Balancing Chicago

Facial balancing is a powerful tool that can help enhance your natural beauty and transform your appearance. By addressing facial proportions and imbalances and restoring harmony  to your features, Dr. Sri can help you achieve a balanced look. 

The facial balancing treatment at Chicago Aesthetics Club is an excellent nonsurgical procedure with natural-looking results. Dr. Sri’s expertise and meticulous attention to detail are evident at every step of your cosmetic journey. If you’ve been thinking about how to enhance your facial proportions, our facial balancing treatment may be right for you. To learn more, book your consultation today.

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