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Chicago Aesthetics Club 

At the Chicago Aesthetics Club, our philosophy is simple. We want you to feel and be your most beautiful self. Our discreet, luxury boutique office on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile welcomes you into a private, comfortable setting where the style-rich ambiance encourages you to check out of your day and check into the journey towards looking and feeling your best.

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Chicago Aesthetics club philosophy

Our mission is to provide innovative aesthetic injectables in a soothing atmosphere where you can feel at ease to have an open dialogue with our physician and to share in your treatment plan. From the scheduling of your initial consultation to the careful selection and delivery of procedures and post-treatment care, our highly trained medical doctor will provide you with a seamless and customized experience from start to finish.

During every step of the way, Chicago Aesthetics Club is committed to ensuring you are a part of the individual pursuit in discovering the best version of yourself. Helping you exceed those expectations is paramount. We believe that we can help make that happen for you.